Port Curtis Integrated Monitoring Program - Sediment Quality

PCIMP monitors across 15 sampling zones (54 water sites) in Port Curtis to assess the water quality and health of Port Curtis, with sites ranging from the Narrows in the north to Colosseum Inlet in the south. Included in the zones are sites within the State and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park zones. Surface sediment is sampled yearly at each of the 54 water sites. Sediment samples are taken to measure the concentrations of metal, metalloid and nutrients and particle size distribution within Port Curtis. The quality of the data is assured by analysing duplicate and triplicate samples from a number of sites and the analysis is performed by a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratory.

Point Of Contact
Professor Owen Nevin Independent Chair Port Curtis Integrated Monitoring Program o.nevin@cqu.edu.au

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